A Billion+ Dollar Fundraising Idea

In the last 4 years businesses have spent 27X more on Advertising than they have donated

WTIM is creating the first of its KIND media platform. WTIM.co is a Member Owned and Operated Company producing marketing campaigns with positive storytelling and lifechanging impact.

What if, with just a tap of your finger could you raise money and awareness for non-profits, and a business sponsor invest advertising dollars into the cause, would you vote for nonprofits to receive the funding from WeThinkItMatters® campaigns?

What if, when you shared an
uplifting story with your friends it was also raising money for the cause at
the same time, would you share about the results of WeThinkItMatters®

What if, you were also entered to win prizes for your personal favorite non-profit and you when you took part in any WeThinkItMatters® campaigns, would you take action for causes online?

Imagine if the simple action of you selecting a charity to receive funding from a WeThinkItMatters® campaigns sponsor could also benefit you and your favorite non-profit.

Well, that is what WeThinkItMatters Inc. creating at WeThinkItMatters.com. A media platform where you can engage with businesses in CSR activities, and take part in campaigns that  impact people’s lives and improve our communities through corporate sponsorship.

Beyond the good feelings you’ll get from knowing you helped bring awareness and funding to charities, you will also be entered to win prizes from the WeThinkItMatters® campaign dollars.

By sharing that you voted and asking others to vote in campaigns, you can increase the amount you raise for nonprofits, and your chances of taking home a jackpot lottery for your personal favorite charity.

When you become a Member and Owner of WTIM you tell us your personal favorite non-profit, this could be the humane society near you, St Judes,  Make-A-Wish, or whatever non-profit is your personal favorite.

And whenever you vote for any non-profit
to receive funding from a WeThinkItMatters® Campaign your favorite non-profit
is also entered to win cash prizes too.

So, by voting in WeThinkItMatters® campaigns you raise awareness and funding for the non-profit that you vote for in the campaign, and also have a chance to win money for you and personal favorite non-profit.

Now that you’re thinking, this sounds pretty good, here is the icing on the cake. Each time you vote for any charity to receive funding from a WeThinkItMatters® Campaign you are entered to win cash prizes for yourself also!

So while you are helping to raise
funding and awareness for charities serving our communities, you will also be
getting chances to win money for your favorite non-profit and you!

WTIM is something new, and in our opinion very exciting. And by becoming a Voting Member of WTIM for totally FREE, you also become an owner as well.

WTIM is employee and member owned,
and the first of its KIND Media Company.

We aren’t asking for much, just that you are willing to vote for non-profits to receive funding from business sponsors.

Now is the time for you to get on board possibly the most positive thing to ever happen in advertising. Join WTIM today, WeThinkItMatters®

Cause Marketing Internships

WTIM cause marketing internships
Love what you do, do what you Love

WeThinkItMattersInc.com is a media agency that creates Cause-Integrated Marketing campaigns
where businesses can use their advertising dollars in ways that bring
attention and funding to nonprofits. Cause Sponsorship is $2 billion
dollar a year niche of the $600 billion AD spend, and growing at 12% a
year. WeThinkItMatters® offers benefits and guaranteed results no other
marketing platform or company in the marketplace can match.

Our cause marketing internship
is a chance to join company with unlimited career advancement
opportunities for anyone with a desire to work together to bring funding
to nonprofits and inspire cause sponsorship and CSR.  My  hope is after
the internship you will want to continue working with the Agency.

During the marketing internship one of the responsibilities is helping to share about our fundraising idea www.wtim.co
and it’s benefits for business, non-profits, and people. Like affiliate
marketing, you would have a unique link to use and track any leads you
generate. During the marketing internship you would receive a 10%
commission on any sales generated from your leads, and 1% of sales
volume in Stock at the end of the 90 days. So if a business sponsored a
$10,000 campaign, you would get $1,000 and 100 Shares of
WeThinkItMatters Inc. Stock during the internship, and after the
internship if you decide to become an Agent your commissions would

During the marketing internship you would also be responsible to learn
more about CSR (corporate social responsibility)  and Cause Marketing,
and share what you are learning by creating reports and articles to be
published online. Also help to make our cause-integrated value
proposition and fundraising ideas easy for everyone to understand. If
this sounds like an opportunity you would be excited for you can start today, apply now!

CSR Marketing, how much Impact is yours having?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could increase your social standing in
the community? And what if you could get a guaranteed return on your
investment too? Imagine your advertising dollars making an impact on the
lives of your customers!

WeThinkItMatters, Inc. is a cause-integrated marketing agency delivering best in class corporate social responsibility (CSR) communications. We are industry leaders in cause marketing; bringing attention to great causes and funding to important issues impacting our communities. We are brand advocates, spreading the word about businesses who are working together to make a difference.

WeThinkItMatters® cause-integrated media platforms are unequaled for introducing people to companies investing in CSR initiatives. Increasing impression value, length of engagement, and marketing ROI. Utilizing the latest metrics to offer measurable results you can use to track the return on investment and impact of a campaign.

Our goal of branding your company is to create media that engages and connects with people and makes a difference for causes they care about. In today’s over-crowded market, consumers are exposed to hundreds of marketing impressions each day, many they don’t even pay attention to.

WTIM is the most efficient and effective marketing channel for increasing your social standing, growing your business, and making a difference in your customers lives. A WeThinkItMatters campaign is something you can be proud to be a part of knowing that 60% of what you spend on it will go to nonprofits. We hope you can see the value for your business can get from their marketing dollars investing in cause-integrated advertising, contact WeThinkItMatters Inc. today to learn how to get started with WTIM.

There is no question to the return on investment when you do a WeThinkItMatters® campaign, get guaranteed impression and engagement metrics, positive storytelling PR about lives and communities improved, and know actually how much money went go to nonprofits.

Stop wasting your marketing dollars, try WTIM and see the difference a WeThinkItMatters® cause-integrated marketing campaign will have.