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WeThinkItMatters Inc.

WeThinkItMatters Inc. is creating the next generation of life changing media and fundraising technology.

WeThinkItMatters® is the only place in the world a business can spend advertising dollars and be guaranteed that 60% of what they spend will go to nonprofits.

Cause sponsorship is a small fast growing segment of the $600+ billion dollar a year advertising and marketing industry, cause sponsorship is growing at 11%, and is a $2+ billion dollar a year industry currently.

Cause Sponsorship double digit growth rate

Smart companies know cause sponsorship is good for the Triple Bottom Line. But with most cause sponsorship campaigns out there today, none of the money the business spends marketing and advertising actually goes to the nonprofit. And in almost all cases the campaigns ask consumers to do the giving or buy a product to support the cause.

WeThinkItMatters Inc. cause-integrated media gives a set percentage of advertising dollars directly to non-profits. It does not just merely bring attention to causes like other marketing agencies and campaigns where no money spent on advertising actually goes to the cause.

cause integrated advertising business model
How AD dollars spent on WTIM are split

WTIM digital fundraising platform utilizing cross sector collaboration between businesses, non-profits, and people to generate funding and awareness for social causes. Offering businesses an opportunity to use advertising dollars in a way that brings awareness and funding to nonprofits and communicates CSR. WTIM is a digital fundraising tool nonprofits can use for free to leverage their existing databases and social followers to get funding without have to ask for money. And WTIM is web app giving people a way they can raise money for causes they care about with just the or tap of their finger, no donation required.

Responsible Marketing Campaigns

Global consumers have officially embraced corporate social responsibility, and it’s becoming a universal expectation for companies to prove CSR. Now, companies must advance CSR beyond a brand-attribute to create an entirely new CSR experiences. According to the 2015 Cone Communications Global CSR Study research revealed consumer expectations for companies remain high, with 91% of global consumers believing companies should do more than just make a profit, they also should work to address social and environmental issues. 90% of global consumers would switch brands to one supporting a cause, and 84% report seeking out responsible products whenever possible. And the graph bellow shows majority of people want business to engage them in their CSR activities, 80+% AVG.

consumers want to engage with with CSR efforts
Most people want to engage with brands in CSR efforts

WeThinkItMatters Inc. cause-integrated advertising strategies offers lasting impressions with guaranteed ROI. Our media is designed to have a positive impact on communities and the results it generates are real stories of lives being impacted by campaigns.

WeThinkItMatters Inc. marketing campaigns build brand capital, brand advocates, and stimulates the economy through philanthropy and entrepreneurship. WeThinkItMatters is simply a better advertising solution than other marketing channels, and is the next generation of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) communications. It’s not rocket science, it just a more responsible, sustainable, and impactful advertising solution.

WeThinkItMatters® Benefits

WeThinkItMatters® is the registered Trademark for Cause Integrated Advertising platform also known as WTIM. Our fundraising technology offers businesses a place to invest advertising dollars into marketing campaigns that benefit charities and people. We partner with nonprofit organizations giving them access to our media platforms for free as a means to raise awareness and funds for their cause. 50% of the proceeds from our cause marketing campaigns go to benefit the nonprofits partnered in the campaigns, and 10% to WTIM members favorite non-profits. 60% in total of marketing dollars go directly to Causes.

Communicating CSR Matters

People want to engage with businesses if their CSR efforts and want to hear about the results. WeThinkItMatters offers ways to communicate CSR that connect with people and improves their communities.

Fully Responsive Digital Fundraising

WTIM works on all devices, nothing to download, nothing to install, no donation required!

WTIM digital fudraising app
WTIM, WeThinkItMatters Digital Fundraising App

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